Staying Connected is Essential

The shift to working from home presents businesses with a whole new set of challenges. People working from home may feel displaced, unconnected and lonely.

To companies, the costs can include a loss of productivity and absenteeism. To individuals, the costs are a loss of social connection and possible deterioration of mental wellness.

Enter Connectify! Our programs support organizations and individuals and help create crucial connections between co-workers, families and friends.

It is imperative that you support your employees during this highly stressful time. Connectify is here to help your group stay productive by:

  • Connecting work-from-home employees
  • Supporting mental wellness
  • Normalizing working from home
  • Improving web conference skills and work-from-home habits
  • Helping your people feel connected, cared for and important

What is it?

Connectify is a team-based problem-solving challenge. It is a series of engaging and creative tasks designed to be an exercise of important business skills like prioritization, thinking outside the box and assigning roles.

It also includes some work-from-home and mental wellness best practices, which are much needed during this difficult time of social distancing. It can be customized to include mental and physical wellness content and practices that match those being communicated by your organization.

At a time when people cannot be together in person, Connectify is an engaging way to build personal connections, support your organization’s overall mental wellness, strengthen work-from-home habits and keep communication flowing between team members.

This was a good way to connect with the team as we were feeling disconnected from working from home for a while. Connectify was engaging and fun. I think this is a necessary investment for companies to boost morale and promote mental wellness for work-from-home staff.”

TW, Pulsar Informatics

How does it work?

We take our industry-leading smartphone app and combine it with a web conference. We assign tasks like taking photos, recording creative videos, solving online challenges and answering interesting questions. Each team works together to prioritize and solve problems, which can be customized to meet your organizations priorities.

At a pre-arranged time, teams launch a web conference and log into our smartphone app. Teams are given a series of engaging tasks to complete within a 1 hour timeframe. The teams compete to earn points and the team with the most points wins. This is a gamified way to meet your organization’s work-from-home objectives.

This was actually really fun. I enjoyed spending time with my work-from-home team members. I think we will continue doing a lot of web conferences and it was nice to have fun using Zoom”.

MM, Participant

What if…

…you could support your work-from-home employees?
…they became more productive from their home office?
…you gained both training and mental wellness benefits?
…your employees felt more connected even though their work environment has changed?
…this helps your organization weather the storm?

“I can see how this program benefits work-from-home employees. We need to feel a sense of connection, that everyone is still “out there”, during this time where it is harder to connect on a personal level. I hope to see more activities like this.”

KP, Participant

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