April 25 Connectify Video

The theme of this week was Gratitude and Grocery Workers. Lots of thanks given in this one. Bet you can’t watch this video and not be laughing by the end!


Joy Project Results April 25, 2020

Small group today, but definitely not lacking heart! Help us spread the word for next week, folks!

Also, experimented with fewer tasks this week and then you all got perfect. Hmmm, should we break the tie or just leave it? On one hand, everyone’s a winner. But the Lovely Ladies did a great job laughing…

Team NameScoreRank
Lovely Ladies1617 (2 bonus points for finishing first)1st
Casa Crew1616 (1 bonus point for finishing second)2nd
Andrew and the Red Wine Knights16153rd

Joy Project Results April 18, 2020

Here are the results from Joy Project #2. Congrats to team SPP!

Team NameScoreRank
Southern Puppy Patrol23651
Narwhal unicorns17353
Kooky Pants11004
Beach Buddies10805
Joyous Ones10506

The Top 3 Benefits of Connectify

75% of work-from-home participants have said that the #1 benefit of Connectify is…

“We feel more connected to each other”. 

Other responses included:

“It contributed to our mental well-being”


“It helped build our skill & comfort with web conferencing”.

People obviously are craving human connection. Will your team be the next one Connectified?

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